Cover Guidelines

Wasteland Press takes pride in designing book covers at no extra charge. All book covers are designed by Wasteland Press incorporating your ideas whenever possible. However, if you do not have a cover concept for your book, we will design one for you free of charge!

Front Cover

The front cover will have your book's title, subtitle (if any), and author name(s). You may include a cover graphic if you wish, but it is not required. If you choose to submit graphics for your cover, you will need to provide the following. 1) A cover concept of some type or a visual representation of your front cover. This can be drawn or done by simply inserting photos/graphics in a WORD document or any other software that allows you to manipulate images in the fashion that you visualize. 2) A high resolution image file (300 dpi or higher: .tif, .psd, .jpg, or .eps files) of the photo/graphic you want included on your front cover. If you do not send a high resolution file, this will cause considerable delays, so make sure your image files are at the right resolution.

Back Cover

Your back cover can include up to 4 of the following items: author bio (under 40 words), book description (under 175 words), blurbs or reviews (up to 4 when using other items, but you may choose to use more), author photo (must be high resolution graphic file of 300 dpi or more in the following formats: .tif, .eps, .jpg, or .psd.). Please see requirements for front cover for further details.

Spine Text

Wasteland Press requires a minimum page length of 100 pages in order to put text on the spine, such as the title and author name.

Cover Design Timeline

The process of designing a cover can take from 1-5 days. Of course, this depends upon the author supplying formatted photos/graphics (300dpi) as mentioned above. If you have any further questions regarding photos/graphics, please contact us by clicking the chat program at the bottom of this page to chat with one of our representatives.

If you have any questions about our Cover Guidelines at Wasteland Press, please click the live chat icon at the bottom of this page to speak with one of our representatives.

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